We don't have to do it all alone. We were never meant to.

- Brene Brown


Aria Kenney

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

I am a white, able-bodied, cisgender woman, and I strive to acknowledge and recognize the intersections of my privilege and how they impact my work as a therapist and our work together in the room.

I provide psychotherapy for individuals impacted by trauma, in whatever capacity that might look like. I believe that trauma leaves with us a story, and that story is worth being told, and being heard.

Therapy, in my mind, should feel like a safe space. A space where any and all feelings are welcome. A space to move at exactly the pace you would like—no rushing, and no dragging on. You have the freedom here to decide what we talk about and when.

That does not mean it will be easy—trauma has no time limit. Healing takes effort. I see my role as walking alongside you on that journey. Together, we can share the weight of it all. I invite you to reach out if any of these words speak to you.


(669) 247 - 2430

Supervised by Kim Panelo Xue, MFT 53545


M.A., Counseling and Psychology, Santa Clara University

B.A., History and English, University of California, Santa Barbara

Work Background:

Experience working in both clinical and school-based settings. Continual training centered on providing trauma informed care, with a focus on working with individuals impacted by sexual assault and domestic violence. Previous experience at the YWCA working in the Healing Center, ensuring care for individuals of diverse backgrounds, varying in age. Experience in school-based settings, having worked in a local school providing services, and continuing to do so this year. Additional training provided through district employment to refine and strengthen therapy services with minors. Experience and comfortability providing both in-person and Telehealth services.