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8-week Workshop & Process Group For Teachers and Staff
4:00 - 5:30PM, Wednesdays (Tentative Start: 2/8/2023)
Bellarmine Campus 
(Location TBA)
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What is Support Our Supporters?

This is a facilitated group space to gain support and resourcing specific to your experiences throughout a 3 year ongoing pandemic. This Group is an opportunity to run it back and find healing where life kept sprinting.

What can I expect in this process group?

From the words of Tricia Hersey, Group offers up a chance for us to put a pause button on a world that offers none. Essential Worker burnout, pervasive crisis management, and prolonged distress have compromised our abilities to regulate (e.g. our thoughts, our fatigue, our anger), and yet the world keeps turning.

We will discuss safety and confidentiality, trauma-informed psychoeducation, and sustainable resourcing along the way. But most importantly, we'll simply slow things down.

What if I've never done therapy before?

Prior experience is not required to participate in this Group. You can come ready to share. Or you can come simply wanting to listen. You bringing you is all that we ask.

What are the next steps?

Drop us a line. We'll start with a brief phone intake to go over Group details, process, and fit. Then from there we schedule a 30 minute assessment over Zoom to discuss things more in depth.

What if I have more questions?

Just let us know. We'll make time to answer all of them.

Kim Panelo Xue

(408) 579 - 9487

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