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CSC Group

Our CSC (Community of Survivors and Courage) Group was founded in 2012 at a rape crisis center in downtown San Jose, and it has been an on-going resource to the community ever since.

This space offers common ground to those who have been impacted by sexual violence and are seeking that collective sense of understanding by others who share the same aches and pains of this trauma.

There is no agenda. There is no criteria. There is no set way on getting healing right in the work we do here.

We ask that you come as you are - arrive as you.
Sometimes that’s half the battle right there.



(Spring Qtr: TBA)


530-700PM, Mondays

In-person: 8-week closed process Group

5-6 members

$75 per session (Out of network providers)

Facilitated by Theresa Samuel Boko

We'll be in touch soon.

Safety and Boundaries

We set the ground work by establishing group rules and intentions. There is no process without safety - so a lot of our beginning steps start here.

Education on Traumatization

The physiological impacts of trauma vary. So here we talk about how this shows up in the body and ways in which symptom management is possible.

Dialogue and Process

The freedom to talk about trauma without judgement, advice, or upset is hard to come by. So we hope those stories can find refuge and understanding here.

Resourcing and Coping Strategies

Control and agency through recovery is our number one. So we bring in applicable techniques to make the healing both consistent and sustainable.

standing on the shoulders of giants

to the women before me

thank you for leading the way

thank you for using your voice to carve out room for mine to exist

today and every day

i march for you

i march for you

because you are her

i am her

and she is her, too

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