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The most authentic thing about us is our capacity...

to overcome, to endure, to transform...and to be greater than our suffering.

- Ben Okri 

Theresa Samuel Boko

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, #127479
Supervised by Kim Panelo Xue, MFT

Theresa Samuel Boko - Photo.jpg


  • Physical and Sexual Violence

  • Foster Care and Adoption

  • Forced Migration and Assimilation

  • Racial Identity

  • Traumatic Grief and Loss

  • Family Conflicts and Transition

  • Medical Trauma and Recovery

  • The Lonely Community

Languages: English/Arabic

Out of network: $155

I grew up witnessing the effects of social injustice, conflict and violence on individuals and communities that simply strive for peace and belonging. I have spent decades of my life walking alongside survivors whose basic rights were stripped and who sought to identify a path towards healing and belonging.


My deep understanding of loss and pain has empowered me to develop compassion and empathy towards survivors, and my knowledge and experience in the helping profession has instilled in me the passion to learn and connect. My approach is unique in that it offers a compassionate, holistic and effective model meeting survivors where they are at, meanwhile promoting a safe space that enhances their ability to connect and build a sense of resiliency and belonging.

Inside each survivor, there’s a desire to grow and thrive. There is also a strong sense of resilience and hope. I invite you to allow me to walk alongside you to help guide you unleash this potential, if you choose to and whenever you are ready.


M.A., Counseling and Psychology, Santa Clara University

M.A., Human Services Administration, Springfield College, Boston, MA

B.A., Food Science and Biochemistry, University of Khartoum, Sudan

Work Background:

I previously worked in community mental health, as well as school- based setting. In addition, I worked with individuals, couples and families providing therapy both through in-person and telehealth services. I am passionate about learning and providing evidence based practice treatments to survivors of violence. I received basic as well as advanced training in the different modalities of therapy and I strive to learn and grow in the field, using my decades’ long experience of working with survivors of violence and the knowledge I acquired through my education in the field of mental health.

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