be grateful for your mirrors

your teachers

the technicolored souls in your life

that pull you out from our nest of hiding

because they believe in

the wild possibility

that is you in this world

these people will

push you

break you

mend you

love you

save you

and inspire you to keep reaching for more

- Danielle Doby


Era Center's training offers Marriage and Family Therapists, licensed and associate, extensive training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with a specialty in treating traumatic stress. Our trauma-informed, interdisciplinary curriculum includes materials from:

  • Essential Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Teri Quatman

  • The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk

  • Trauma and Recovery, Judith Herman

  • Polyvagol Theory, Ling Lam

  • Trauma-related Shame and Self-Loathing, Janina Fisher

Our center incorporates ongoing individual and group supervision with an overview on case conceptualization, professional development, and self-care. In addition, Era holds bi-monthly skill building trainings to maintain best practices that are relevant to current events in our community.

Interested in applying and joining our team?