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How we do this work integrates evidence based practices that focus on understanding the somatic and relational presentations of trauma.

We look to the body to learn about our survival instincts that regulate pain and suffering. And we step into our relationships to notice the roles we have been assigned to maintain a certain life story. Our goal is to sew these intimate pieces together with a thread that holds a greater understanding, compassion, and language within it.

A few more notes regarding our work:

  • COVID conscious therapy

  • In-person sessions (Telehealth as needed)

  • Out of network providers

Sitting on Balcony

"Bringing light to our darkness is nothing compared to deciding what you're going to do with all that power."

- Tanya Markul


Community of Survivors

and Courage



(Spring '24 Session: TBA)

CSC is a therapy process group for women whose lives have been effected by sexual trauma. This group brings together survivors who seek community, empowerment, and a long-standing healing process.

Teens for Empowerment,

Support, and Safety



(Start date TBD)

TESS is a therapy process group for young, female survivors who have experienced sexual trauma. This group brings together teens ages 13-17 seeking a community to call their own.


group of people.jpg

At Era we've come to understand that there is a unique and transformative sort of healing that happens at the collective level.


To be with.

To be understood.

To be heard.

It's that sense of community which brings forward a certain voice that transcends the individual and strengthens in the support of others.

See what we're offering up here. 

More coming soon...
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