C         E         N         T         E         R

At Era Center our mission is to empower survivors of sexual trauma and bring healing and advocacy to impacted communities. We are a specialized team providing intersectional services that address the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of sexual assault. Era Center is committed to creating a more trauma-informed society through the provision of psychotherapy, outreach education, and our comprehensive training program.



I believe safety to be a human right and not a privilege.

I know the work at Era will be purposeful. I know it will bring its rewards over time. But more importantly I'm in need of a team that will show up to this work together.


I am seeking individuals who share the same pulse --- people who want to bring their own education, professional experience, and story to the table to build a community united in values and strong in diversity.

Because this will be the foundation of Era. This is where its legacy will begin.

If my words speak to you let me know.
Let’s get to talking.


Kim Panelo Xue, Founder and Clinical Director


At Era Center we have come to understand traumatic stress in the broadest of senses. The individual, interpersonal, and systemic effects of sexual assault can be pervasive and unyielding. Our hope is to intercept these chain of events and restore safety and agency in others.


The journey we take together begins in the partnership we create in the therapeutic space. This is essential. The process will take time. We ask that you give yourself permission to come as you are when you are ready.

It can take a lot to get here.



We emphasize the importance of creating a more trauma -informed society with our neighboring community providers. We believe in stepping beyond our own walls and sharing our knowledge of sexual assault and its impact on the people we serve.


We offer extensive training specializing in treating traumatic stress. Our trauma-informed, interdisciplinary curriculum includes focused topics such as object relations and attachment theory, neurobiology of trauma,the violence of trauma in a social context , etc.

The time is now.

The time is ours.

Where to start?

Let's have a conversation.

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